Nigeria’s chief of police has ordered the immediate mobilisation of all police resources

A new wave of looting was reported on Sunday, a day after Mr Adamu ordered police to end the “violence, killings, looting and destruction of property”.

Protests calling for an end to police brutality began on 7 October.

President Muhammadu Buhari dissolved the Sars unit – accused of harassment, extortion, torture and extrajudicial killings – days later, but the protests continued, demanding broader reforms in the way Nigeria is governed.

They escalated after unarmed protesters were shot in the nation’s biggest city, Lagos, on Tuesday. Rights group Amnesty International said security forces killed at least 12 people. Nigeria’s army has denied any involvement

On Saturday, the Nigerian police force tweeted that Mr Adamu, the inspector general of police, had told them “enough is enough” and ordered officers to “use all legitimate means to halt a further slide into lawlessness”.


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